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UN GA Resolution 742 (1953)
"Factors which should be taken into account in deciding whether a Territory is or is not a Territory whose people have not yet attained a full measure of self-government"  (and therefore should be decolonized).  
A. General
1. "Opinion of the Population": has the population expressed its will in regard to freedom vs. possession?  Note: Only time this was actually done was the Ku'e Petitions in 1897.
2 ."Freedom of Choice": NSGTs must be given free choice (with option for independence) to be taken off the list. 
3. "Voluntary Limitation of Sovereignty".  Has the State successfully shoved some kind of bum deal of partial sovereignty down the throats of the people?  And have they bought it?  
4. "Geographical Considerations".  Is it attached?  Is it logical?  How far apart are the Capitols?  
5. "Ethnic and Cultural Considerations."  Is there a distinct cultural heritage?
6. "Political Advancement."  Is the population politically advanced enough to be able to make good decisions about their future?
Read the rest of the resolution here.  

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