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Red Ribbons 2016!

We are on a mission of peace & liberation!
Liko and Laulani Journeyed from Hawai'i to San Francisco to Washington DC (via New York) in June 2016, as our Queen did, which culminated in her 1897 "Red Ribbon" protest letter, against Annexation to the U.S.    We will play music and rally the people along the way, and hope to touch the hearts of the people with our story, as she did.  More Info Here!

Journey Info:

The Mission:
  • Inspire with Music.  Play for the people everywhere -- as the Queen did.  
  • Organize & Articulate.  Help the voice of the people to be heard.
  • Educate those who need to learn the full truth of our situation.
  • Build Solutions for Hawai'i, America and all of humanity to heal and thrive in the future
Red Ribbons Handout:
"Red Ribbons" Lyrics plus
the Queen's Protest letter
 (2-sided PDF)
We will be participating
'Aha Aloha 'Aina
(Independence process by & for the people!)
along the way!
"Red Ribbons" song at DOI Hearing 2014

Please note:

KAPU ALOHA is in effect throughout this journey.  


To be clear:


We stand very strongly for full independence for Hawai'i, as it is the only pono path for Hawai'i (no theft can be made right until the stolen goods are returned!), and the best hope for Peace in the Pacific, healing of the oceans, and the survival of humanity.  We are against Federal Recognition, because it is a diversion from what is needed, and could be used against our efforts towards full independence.  


We do NOT support dissing or attacks of anyone.  Liko's music is for everyone. The only way we will move forward effectively is TOGETHER.  Our Queen stood for PEACE, and so do we.  

Be part of the Journey!

This journey is shared on social media.  So everyone can come along!  All Aboard!!
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Donations are tax-deductible.  Our fiscal sponsor is Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, a 501(c)3 NPO; if there are any questions about this donation interface, please call them at (707) 825-7640.  You can also mail a check (attn: Ho'opae Peace Project/Red Ribbons Journey) to: Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, Inc.425 I Street / P.O. Box 4569 Arcata, CA 95518.  Email us so that we can keep easier track & thank you properly!

More ways to help:

* Spread the word!
* Donate travel miles
 (email us for instructions)
* Live en route?
We can use: * more people at events * information * support
Please email us!

More Info:

Liko's petition to the UN 10/25/15
Want more info?  
Email us!  
This Journey is a cooperative project of 'Ohi'a 'Ai music company and Ho'opae Pono Peace Project, an Affiliate of Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples.  Mahalo NUI to all who have given time, money,support and aloha to make this happen!!!

Train image by PageResource.


Completed Missions!
Tentative dates:
WBAI LIVE 5/26/16 5AM
Depart SF 6/1/16
Play Grant Park, Chicago 6/3/16
Arrive NYC 6/4/16
Play for Hokule'a Arrival 6/5/16

“Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau,”  Film Screening & music 6/7/8

World Oceans Day 6/8/16
'Aha Aloha 'Aina NYC 6/11/16
Washington DC 6/12/16: 'Aha Aloha 'Aina
More diplomatic missions
Depart about 6/20/16
Visit Kanaka, indigenous relations, & prison(s) on route back
SF 6/28
Play East Bay Media Ctr 7/1/16
& other Bay Area venues
Return to Honolulu 7/4, debrief @ Palace
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