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Liko's Letter to U.S. President 2018


  1. Regarding the Congress not having a clearly defined policy for the conduct of the United States Federal Corporation STATE OF HAWAII in the non-contiguous Pacific area of the Hawaiian Islands, with respect to U.S. Public Law 103-150, The Apology Bill, Nov. 23, 1993. Pres. William J. Clinton U.S.P.L.; and the implications and potential application of U.S. Presidential Executive Order, 17 DEC 2017 - Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse and Corruption;

  2. REQUEST FOR CONFERENCE concerning “The Apology Law” and implementation of International U.S. Human Rights Treaty obligations by way of Title III of U.S. Public Law 99-239 (99th Congress Joint Resolution) COMPACT OF FREE ASSOCIATION ACT of 1986 - Title III Pacific Policy Reports:

           Sec 301 4(E) - FINDINGS. -  “to attain the international obligations of the United

           States.”; SEC. 302 - REPORTS. (1) ...role and impacts...formulation and conduct of  

           foreign policy; (2)...standards in Federal Laws, regulations, programs..consistent with

           the unique character of the non-contiguous Pacific areas [Hawaii];; (3)...organizational

           arrangements for liaison [and] ...coordinating U.S. Federal actions...achieving the

           objectives...ensuring that the Congress discharges its facilitate

  health and development ...consistent with the self-determined

           Objectives.SEC. 303 - CONFERENCE. (a) MEETING; (b) PARTICIPANTS; ©





INDEX of documents filed by Liko Martin 2018

Documents are available at:


01 Proposed Joint Resolution.pdf


02 Unclassified Memo for Governors 2010.pdf


03 COFA pp 1-2 and 38-40 PL 99-239 1986.pdf


04 Newcomb Article HA 2000 Justice Memo Annexation.pdf


05 DOJ Memo re Xtd Territorial Sea 1988.pdf


06 Chang - Rope of Sand 1997 History of JR Annexation.pdf


07 Edwardson Inuit Alaska.pdf



08 Heanu ICJ 2016.pdf


09 UN 25 yrs of Decolonization Report.pdf


10 Liko Martin UN Complaint 2015.pdf


11 Cleveland Message 1893.pdf


12 Sai 2009 Cleveland Agreement.pdf



13 Queen Liliuokalani Protest 1897 - Red Ribbon Letter.pdf



14 US Senate Record Oct27 1993.pdf


15 USPL 103-150 Apology Bill.pdf


16 Hawaii Treaties.pdf


17 Liko Martin UNSC Letter 2017.pdf


18 Rome Statute ICC Elements of Crimes.pdf


19 Boyle 1995 Restoration Under International Law.pdf


20 Nuremberg Law No10 War Crimes Punishment.pdf


21 ICCPR Report 2014.pdf


22 Tribunal Intro 1993.pdf


23 Mahele Awards Kauai plus Constitution and laws 1842.pdf



24 David Wynn Miller 2009 SCOTUS Commentary.pdf

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