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Liko's Map of Hawaiʻi Songs and Stories


An ongoing oral history project

We are continually adding more places, songs, stories and photos to this map.  If you have any to share, please email them to us!

"As I travel from place to place

Some familiar and some strange

To hear the ancient chantings of our home

As I listen to the stories

My eyes have seen the glory

So let us raise our voice

in song to save our land."

- Liko Martin, "All Hawaiʻi Stands Together" 


Liko has lived, loved, worked and fought for very special places throughout Hawaiʻi (and beyond!).  We are starting to collect the stories, struggles, and songs of these places and share them here.  Click on the names of places on this map to see Liko's information about each one.  This is a work in progress -- please send us Liko videos, etc. that we can include!

Mauna Kea
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